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ASUS ROG GL752VW-DH71: Review

Posted on Sep 5, 2016 by in Gaming, Reviews | 0 comments

Oh my God! ASUS ROG GL752VW-DH71 is really a hell of a demon that can take care of just anything tossed at its way. With an out of the world composition and design, ASUS is here to stay for long until a Zombie of its caliber comes to challenge its performance. The device is like a dream come true product for those who were thinking of owning a gaming machine at an affordable price for a long time.

It rips off everyone’s imagination with its powerful i7-6700 HQ Intel Processor, 16 GB DDR4 RAM, and Nvidia GTX 960 M at just under 1,000 dollars. And the best part is that you can play just any game on the planet without having to worry about its performance. Let it be any modern game. Play it on your own settings. No questions asked. It is the fastest and something that keeps your pulses racing throughout.



ASUS ROG GL752VW-DH71: Review

All right! First thing first. The die-hard gaming fans concentrate on the real composition of the machine before lending their final credence on it. While looks and designs are also important, nobody will compromise on its performance over just these factors. The best thing is that ASUS ROG GL752VW-DH71 does not disappoint its gaming fans with its performance as it comes with some of the best hardware in the world.

The monster runs on the most powerful 6th generation i7-6700HQ Intel Core Processor, 2 GB GPU Nvidia GTX 960 M, and whopping 16 GB RAM. You can play any game smoothly on the 1080p resolution at settings of your choice.



ASUS ROG GL752VW-DH71: Review

This beast is bigger than Hulk when it comes to memory power. It packs a punch with a whopping 16 GB memory that is ideal for less power consumption and Overclocking. Most of its memory is unused while performing any task on the laptop. That means you can work on other things too on the laptop at the same time without having to worry about any performance glitch in-between. All the tasks just sail through like nothing can stop them. It is like they are working on their own RAMs.

The storage capacity of 1TB is another great showstopper. However, its SSD options shoot up the cost of the machine a notch high.



ASUS ROG GL752VW-DH71: Review

One of the main let downs is its display of 1080p resolution. There is no dearth of laptops out there in the market that boast the latest 4K resolutions at the price of ASUS ROG GL752VW-DH71. So, does one need to have a strong reason to buy ASUS ROG GL752VW-DH71? No. Because all these 3K and 4K resolutions are hungry for power and can suck every single drop of power out of your processor and GPUs.

In fact, 1080p resolution is fast becoming a hot favorite of die-hard gaming fans. The brightness of the laptop is another let downs. I was not really happy with its brightness level despite the fact that the company offers three brightness levels to its users. Overall, it was a huge disappointment. But yes I am going to use this machine only for gaming for a while. So I don’t think I will face any problem with it whatsoever.

It has a TN panel that allows change of colors on their own. You need to be patient when the colors suddenly start gaming in front of your eyes. But yes, TN panel is a great feature for gamers of all types.



ASUS ROG GL752VW-DH71: Review

The keyboard of ASUS ROG GL752VW-DH71 is a standard one. I seriously didn’t find anything extraordinary about it. It is just okay. I was comfortable working on it and that’s it. I just couldn’t feel anything special about its keys. My typing is really good on laptops and desktop keyboards so irrespective of the machine I work on I am good with them all. These machines need to have something really exciting to please me. My fingers didn’t face any problem in typing and on a typing test I score the usual 65 words per minute with two 3 errors.

However, one thing that attracts you is its numeric pad on the left. I am not that fond of working on a keyboard with a numeric pad right next to it. So people like me might take some time to get addicted to this poison.



ASUS ROG GL752VW-DH71: Review

I loved its touchpad. I could slide my fingers all around on the screen like Michael Jackson was moonwalking live on stage. Just loved it. The touchpad could read my fingers even when they were a little sweaty. Rog’s red backlighting is always the head-turner. You can find it in all ASUS series.

Audio quality

The audio quality of ASUS ROG GL752VW-DH71 is just awesome because of its sonic master technology. Every word was crystal clear and crisp like the sound of luxury whiskey being poured into a glass. I listened to a song by Lil Wayne on the highest volume level and people outside my room could really hear it all the way.

The audio quality fared well on the audio quality test. The machine has subwoofers on its bottom. They add to the fun of gaming.


At a time when most brands both big and small are slowly getting rid of DVD drives, here comes the ASUS ROG GL752VW-DH71 which attempts to make the fashion mainstream. But to be honest, there is no need to have a DVD drive whatsoever at the cost of battery life.

The battery life of ASUS ROG GL752VW-DH71 is not too much because of its DVD drive, I believe. When I tested its battery life on a free test tool it lasted only for 2 hours and so. This is seriously very disappointing. There are so many devices out there in the market that at least last for more than 3 hours minimum.


Carrying this hulk is slightly difficult for a long time. It has a 17.6-inch screen. It weighs around 6.6 pounds. Needless to say, it is a little heavier than other lean machines in the market today.


Despite a painful battery life and obsolete DVD drive, ASUS ROG GL752VW-DH71 is the best laptop of 2016 that also gives you a very good value of money you put on it. The machine is engineered for the die-hard Bruce Willies who for no reason compromise on the thrill of gaming. The machine comes with the 6th generation i7 Intel Core Processor, 16 GB RAM, 17.3-inch screen, and 2 years warranty. It is a must buy for gamers.

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