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Alienware 13: Review

Posted on Sep 1, 2016 by in Gaming, Reviews | 0 comments

Alienware is the father of all laptops. But the strangest thing is that nobody has the slightest idea about it. A lot of people from some parts of the world have not even heard its name yet. Pity!

Its latest Alienware 13 version is the first gaming laptop ever that sports an OLED display. That means that no other machine will ever be a match to it this Hulk. The machine runs on 256 solid state drive (SSD) making it ideal for multitasking. It has an Nvidia GeForce GTX 965 M GPU and the beast called Intel Core i7 Processor. The best part is that it can shoot a game in no time. According to industry experts, the world will swear by the OLED screen and the future has already been adapted by the Aliens.



Alienware 13: Review

Alienware 13 is the first laptop in the world to have gone the OLED way. Experts have already announced that the OLED display will soon be the next big change in the computer industry. And the Lord of the laptop league has already adapted to this technology without wasting no time whatsoever. The laptop giant had promised OLED display this January and it has all dished out so soon that there was just no time for its competitors to even wink. The colors on this screen are so detailed that you have them in your eyes even when you are away from the computer for a while after spending some time on it.

To test its so touted OLED display, I watched a movie (Terminator 2: Judgment Day) on the machine and as expected the experience was just out of the world. Every scene was crystal clear. Every detail of the visual effects was there right in front of my eyes—upfront. I could see it all happening right in front of me. From the smoke of building coming crashing down to the changing colors of the super machines, they were all palpable. There was this field in a scene with green grasses all over and a ground with hues of yellowish green in the backdrop. They looked all so magnificent, which I don’t believe would have been the same on other devices. I believe it was a magic of the OLED display.


Look and design

Alienware 13: Review

Just like other Alienwares of the Alien series, this Alienware 13 resembles more like a machine fallen from a spacecraft operated by aliens of a different planet. The carbon-fiber frame lid of the machine is wrapped in a silver aluminium color. There is something really out of the world about its look and feel. The moment you hold it in your hands you feel like you are carrying a machine that is priceless. I see machines like these in Star Wars, Terminators, Transformers, and other blockbuster sci-fi flicks dished out straight from the Hollywood. It is like this laptop will soon turn into Optimus Prime in no time. The logo of the machine (the alien head) on the lid is unmatched.

Right above the keyboard lays the alien head that is actually the power button. It is creative, huh? Talking about the new additions of the Alienware 13, there is a USB 3.0 port on the right side of the keyboard. There is another USD 3.0 port with security slot on the left side. You get jacks for microphone, power adaptor, and a pair of headphones with the laptop.

The Alienware 13 is touted to be the lightest installment in the Alienware series weighing just 4.5 pounds flat. All right! This is opposite to its look. It looks heavy like machines those operated by Transformers of other planets but on the other side it is as light as a floating feather. In fact, some other top laptops of 2016, especially those categorized as affordable are heavier than this hulk. Incredible, isn’t it? The measurements of this beauty queen are 12.9/9.3/1.04/1.1 inches. Hot!


Audio quality

Alienware 13: Review

Alienware does not disappoint on the entertainment ground. Its audio quality is phenomenal in all aspects. There are only a few machines in the market that are both entertainers and performers. Alienware fits the bill for those looking for a machine that can not only entertain but also perform like Hulk. I tested its audio quality by playing one of the songs of Robie Williams and it just crackled all the way in my testing room. I could hear the song clearly from a distance without any difficulty. Every instrument, guitar, piano, harmonica etc. I could hear them all them. The sound was crisp and clear.



Alienware 13: Review

Be it any game on the planet, just bring it on! The Alienware 13 can execute them like they are ideally made for the machine itself. The Alienware 13 machine runs on 256 solid state drive (SSD) that makes it a hell of a multitasking demon. With an Nvidia GeForce GTX 965 M GPU, 4 GB of RAM, and the beast called Intel Core i7 Processor, the machine can run any game under the sky like it is a cakewalk for it. It’s got 68 FPS, which is way more than the average of 49 FPS.


Keyboard and touchpad

Alienware 13: Review

One of the smoothest keyboards of all time. The fingers start moving on their own. You just have to think and let the fingers do their work on the keyboard. It is like they know where a particular alphabet is positioned on the deck. I believe it is a great device for those who cannot type well on computers. They will learn fast. Alienware 13 has a traditional TactX keyboard, which is very comfortable. It shoots backs as soon as you press a key on the deck.

I could write 70 words per minute on the laptop as compared to other laptops on which my speed is around 60 words per minute. It is ultra smooth.

Heat management

Alienware 13: Review

One of the cons of the Alienware 13 is that it gets heated in no time. After spending a few minutes into a game, its bottom was around 140 degrees Fahrenheit that could have easily burnt my legacy in pants. Its touchpad was cool though. I decided to check it one more time and this while I was watching a movie, it registered a temperature of more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It is hot—literally.

Battery Life

The Alienware 13 can last up to 3 hours 35 minutes. It is ordinary.


Alienware 13 is powered by OLED display. If you have been using the old displays then you should change it right now. It takes you to the world of future in no time. Applications run like a knife runs through butter on the machines. Gaming experience is like never before you have experienced. The only problem is that it gets hot fast.

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