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How to accessorize yourself for a true die-hard gamer look?

Posted on Sep 9, 2016 by in How to | 0 comments

Just like the real battle of Spartans, the victory of true die-hard gamers solely depends on a hell of weapons they use in their wars against their targets in a game. PC games test you on your intelligence and some sophisticated accessories for gaming devices can come in handy to successfully go through.

We bring you some of the most iconic accessories to help you get the right die-hard gamer look. They just don’t give you the looks you want but also make victory in a game a lot easier. So what are we waiting for? Here we go:

Go get those multiple monitors to step up your gaming experience
How about playing a game on multiple monitors? Yes. I am not joking here. The obsession of gamers from around the globe has made it possible to play on multiple monitors for a complete surround view. All right! What is its advantage?

With multiple monitors, your field of view increases. You actually see through the eyes of your hero. You can see all around—front, right, and left. The multiple monitor viewing is quite good for shooting, racing, and strategy games.

Wear the best quality surround-sound headsets

How to accessorize yourself for a true die-hard gamer look?

Okay. A headset with a good quality surround sound is not just there to boost your audio experience like you always think. I personally believe that all the important accessories for gaming devices are there to support you in a gaming. They are there to empower you a little bit to perform well in a game.

I know a good quality surround makes your gaming experience a hell lot of wonderful. But to tell you other benefits of the surround sound headsets, I must give you an example.

Suppose you are playing a shooting game without a surround sound headset. The speakers of the PC are just fine. Then you hear an enemy cocking his gun to shoot you somewhere in the game. You can’t locate the enemy easily this way. However, on a surround sound headset, you can locate the enemy in no time. This way you are actually increasing your chances of winning the game. So yes, surround sound headsets are important accessories if you are a true die-hard gamer of the modern times.

The freaky game sticks to ensure the victory of the battle

How to accessorize yourself for a true die-hard gamer look?

There is no dearth of game sticks and joysticks that can up your gaming experience on your PC. But it is always good to add some more fun and joy on the ride?

One of the best joysticks in the gaming world is Kontrol Freek that comes with a cap over its remarkable joysticks. The only advantage is that you get a little bit more height than before, which turns you into the best American shooter in no time with 100 percent accuracy. Your range of motion also improves drastically.

To make your gaming life even more simple, these Kontrol Freek comes in three breathtaking variants: Speed Freek for racing games, Rcade Freeks for classic games, and FPS Freek for all types of shooting games. Their price is around 10 USD. So to get the real die-hard gamer look, you don’t always have to burn a hole in your pocket. Bingo!

The gaming eyewear

How to accessorize yourself for a true die-hard gamer look?

When I start playing on free weekends I don’t buzz for good non-stop six hours. Although I enjoy playing games on my PC throughout, I just can’t ignore the impact of it on my soft and delicate eyes. There is always some pain right above my eyes that after sometimes shifts to the center of my forehead. I used a pair of normal computer specs for a few times but to no avail.

Then one day, my optometrist advised me to wear gaming eyeglasses every time I play games on my PC. I was swept off my feet because I had not taken these so called gaming eyeglasses seriously ever since they started doing the rounds in the gaming world. Hearing a mention of it from my optometrist helped me build confidence for it.

They also boost your gaming experience as they come with anti-glare coating. This reduces glares. These gaming glasses protect you from harshness. You can focus more on detailing without stressing out too much about things.

The kickass gaming keypads

How to accessorize yourself for a true die-hard gamer look?

Despite the fact that there are millions of gaming keyboards out there, there is hardly anyone that can beat the performance of customized gaming keypads. When it comes to gaming I feel gamers of all ages have started to compromise with the performance of their keyboards. They don’t just want to think beyond a keyboard when it comes to gaming.

However, I believe that keyboards were not really designed for gaming. Even if they come customized for gamers now, a kickass gaming keypad is more effective. There are so many keys and not every gamer has good speed on those normal keyboards. For those slow fingered gamers, playing on keyboards is like typing a full length novel on MS Word.

Custom gaming keypads come with their own set of specific number of keys. They are arranged in such a way that even a new gamer can handle them perfectly fine. In addition to that they come with a set of custom keys, pads, and sticks to help you boost the experience of gaming. I would recommend you own a modern kickass gaming keypad to get that out of the world die-hard gamer look. Invest in one.

Buy the best HDTVs with low input lags


So to understand this point, we must first know the meaning of input lags. Input lag is the time taken by a system to transfer graphics to the display. The more time it takes the poorer your experience will be. So you must rely only on those monitors that come with the lowest input lags.

Try to buy only HDTVs with low input lags. For example, a monitor that takes 16 mmillisecondsto transfer graphics to display is way better than that takes around 100 miliseconds.

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