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7 Best Puzzle Games for iPad

Posted on Sep 22, 2016 by in Gaming, Smartphones | 0 comments

7 best puzzle games for ipad

Puzzle Games are one of the best ways to keep your mind sharp. They help you think for out of the box solutions and keeps your mind focused. Previously before mobile and computers, people like to play Sudoku, word puzzles, crosswords and more. These are mostly available in newspapers and weekly or monthly magazines. Even we used to play them as kids and try to complete them. However, now we have plenty of gadgets, devices, internet, and there are many best puzzle games for iPad, tablets, and mobiles.

In this era of handheld devices and seamless communications, a wide variety of puzzle games are coming out of humans. People are designing a lot of new puzzle games every year. Many of them had attracted the users, and some of them had were not. Puzzle games on your iPad are now more attractive, unique, challenging, and impressive. Here are seven amazing puzzle games for your iPad to keep your focus long.

Best Puzzle games for iPad:


The Room Series:

The Room series had of now had three amazing parts in its series. Both The Room 1 and 2 are award winning games and the latest part The Room 3 is waiting for the awards. In the game, users will be locked in a Room where they will provide with different boxes and objects. Users need to use them and unlock the mystery using the objects and the clues they provide. It may seem like a simple task,  once you are in the game, you will feel the depth of play that may drown. Every following part of the series is becoming harder and increased complexity which makes it more interesting. The Room one had a five-star rating from 143799 users in the iTunes store.

Monument Valley:

Monument Valley is the winner of Apple Design Award of the year 2014. It is a fantastic game with minimalist 3Ddesign and impressive optical illusions that confuse you all the time. The plot of the game is, users need to guide Princess Ida through the mazes of optical illusions, monuments, hidden paths overcoming the crow people. All the palaces and monuments in the game inspired by the real world buildings. It is also having another eight new chapters titled “The Forgotten Shores” which should buy through in-app purchases.  As of January 2016, Monument Valley is downloaded 24 million times.

Where’s My Water:

Where’s My Water is Puzzle game developed by Creature Feep and published by Disney Mobile. It is also having a second part released in 2013. The game based on a character Swampy which lives under sewers and not like to be dirty. Players need to help it to be clean by guiding the water to the Swampy. In each level, there comes many challenges that need to solve using real life physics mechanisms. In the process, users will gain points, collectibles, and bonus levels. There are many in-app purchases which will unlock more levels in the game.

Lara Craft GO:

Lara Craft Go is an Apple’s iPhone Game of the year 2015 award winning app. It is a turn-based puzzle video game developed and published by Square Enix and released on 27th August 2015. The objective is to retrieve an artefact from the ruins of an ancient place. There Lara Craft needs to solve many puzzle, escape traps, and animals and need to kill a big snake to retrieve it. Lara Craft Go received mainly positive reviews from the critics and most of the negative reviews are due to short length of the game and less difficulty.


Limbo is a puzzle game which released in July 2010, but it is one of the most acclaimed puzzle game by both critics and users. The game starts with a nameless boy who awakens in a forest in limbo where the boy needs to find her lost sister. The boy in the search for her sister will come across many traps, giant spiders, killing humans, glowing worms and many more dangerous creatures and problems. He needs to solve and avoid being dead in the limbo to keep on his search for his sister. Limbo had received many awards for its design, development, and story. Even though initially it released only for mobiles, later developed to play on consoles.

Thomas Was Alone:

Thomas Was Alone is a wonderful puzzle game developed by an individual named Mike Bithell. The game had won BAFTA 2013 award for performance. The plot of the game revolves around coloured quadrilaterals which have gained personalities. How the rectangles have got personalities is due to an event which caused an artificial intelligence to run out of control. Games start with Thomas a red rectangle who can jump average and try to find any other companions. Eventually, it finds new rectangles with different abilities and personalities. They all need to help each other with their abilities to overcome a new code or personality that is trying to kill them and make things normal again.


Blek is another Apple Design Award winning the game and multiple other awards winner. It a simple yet imaginative and one of the most innovative games I have seen. The concept of the Blek is a very simple one but to complete the levels in the game users need to think out of the box. The concept is users will be given arranged black dots and other color dots on the screen. Users need to draw a pattern which could collect all the color dots without touching the black dots. See it is a simple concept but when we play the game with every passing level user need to increase their imagination to solve.

These are seven best puzzle game everyone needs to play. They are fun, imaginative, entertaining and thrilling puzzle games you can find for your iPad. Users can suggest any new puzzle game you like in the comment section.

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