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7 Best Android Widgets To Give You a High

Posted on Dec 19, 2016 by in Android, App | 0 comments

The best thing about time is that it changes and so do things around it. Smartphones have also come of age with a host of new features that were unimaginable a few years back. Widgets are unarguably the most common of them. However, most of us have curbed ourselves indulging in the addiction for it failed to dish out new flavors on our platter. But with time it seems that technologies are adapting to the changing attitudes of people on its own. Widgets are no exception either. They are resizable and can be customized like never before. So if you have not checked them out yet, we bring you the best android widgets right here:

Amber Weather Widget

What I personally liked about this beautiful widget is its unmatched adaptability to just any home-screen. It makes look your home-screen so beautiful that it feels like owning a new smartphone all the time. It is undoubtedly one of the best android widgets on the block right now. Another exciting feature of this widget is that it has got around 90 different best android widgets loaded in it with a host of new features.

You cannot only resize them according to your needs but also customize them as per your preferences. And that is not it. This widget in itself is an app dedicated to weather. If you love to keep a tab on weather around you then this widget is an ideal android gift for you. It has 7-day weather forecasts, reports, weather alerts, and much more. The good thing is that it comes in more than 30 languages. That means no more language barrier at least when it comes to knowing the weather around you. You can get it as in-app purchases. You can get it in free versions as well.

1 Weather

Regarded as one of the best android widgets around, 1 Weather continues to rule your hearts with its dashing features. Decent and yet pretty cool is the way to describe this demon aptly. This widget redefines the old classic in the best way with its old flip the clock and weather style. This classic style was once the talk-of-the-town when HTC adopted it for its range of Sense devices. It is a configurable widget. That means you are on various clock apps once you click the alarm clock and on 1 Weather when you hit the weather portion.
You can also lay your hands on some of the best only weather widgets with complete information. The widget is free and has a paid version as well. The free version has some limited options, though. The paid version allows you to use some of the finest features. Its price is $1.99.

Battery Widget Reborn

So those who can’t live a second without their smart demons in the pocket would agree that they can’t live a second without their batteries either. So imagine carrying a tool around that can guide you on your battery usage with a host of other relative information. It will enhance your mobile experience like never before. It is undoubtedly one of the best android widgets on the block right now. The name is apt as it gives your battery a new birth all over again.
It is a single circular widget designed especially to keep a track of battery usage on your smartphone, which is pretty much required.

We keep on using a variety of apps on our phone without knowing exactly the amount of power they are consuming. In such a case, this widget comes into the scene. Apart from battery information, there is a host of other features. There are shortcuts to features such as WiFi and Bluetooth settings. You have a chart to look at battery activities. It is simple and yet an out-of-the-box tool for all of us. You can even customize it according to your theme. In fact, it does that on its own. It costs $1.99.

Beautiful Widgets

All right! As the name suggests, this exciting widget is all about beautifying your home screen like never before. I personally think that the real beauty of home-screen comes out only when they are perfectly organized. This is what Beautiful Widgets does. It organizes all your themes in the best way possible and gives your smartphone great looks.

This app has been doing the rounds for a long time now. It is loved by all those who love to give their smartphones a decent yet stunning look. What makes it even more exciting is that it comes with a host of other android widgets such as weather and flip clock combination. Toggles, weather widgets, and other features make it the best of the apps right now. Its flip clock widget packs in a variety of skin to choose from. This changes the look of your smartphone in no time. Beautiful Widgets is customizable meaning that you can tune it to your likings. The widgets are too many in it and you can’t get enough of them at any point. It comes free and at $1.99. With so many features in one, it is relatively less expensive at $1.99.

Calendar Widgets

Be it a smartphone or no phone at all, calenders are a must for all types of gadgets you carry along. This is the basic necessity for anyone. As the name suggests, this incredibly beautiful Calender Widgets comes with tons of apps for calenders. No more bland widgets for your calendar when you can have it all so beautiful to give a decent look to your home-screen.

This is one of the best android widgets for you today. It contains a month-view widget on a single. It is customizable and comes with a host of other beautiful features to make your home screen out-of-the-world. Themes are countless. That means you can have this widget in different styles. Experiment with your smartphone’s look. Go crazy with its colorful style or have it simple with its flat Google look. With tons of themes out there, there is no way you can’t find something that you don’t like. Have it and roll it out like never before. It is free as in-app purchases that not many won’t like. However, it is still a hell lot of an app with so many of them in there. It is not going to put you off with its features.

Circle Launcher

Next on the list is Circle Launcher that manages to stick on the list of best android widgets even after so many years. It is very unlike other widgets on the list above. It comes with a purpose and that pretty much makes it a hell lot of what it is right now. The purpose of this demon on your smartphone is to help your other apps launch quickly. So now you know why it is called Circle Launcher.

We all suffer from problems of slow app launch but not now with Circle Launcher. It starts your apps like a missile shoots to a terrorist hub. With it being so quick, working on your smartphone becomes an out-of-the-world experience in no time. What makes it even more exciting is its features. It is on your home screen and when you indulge in it, you are transported to another world.

You get to see best of your apps working on it, bookmarks, and other features. Another good feature about this is its icon pack that is also called as a fun theater by many. It is customizable. So you can make it work like your own. The free version packs in a lot of excited. It is also the most popular one amongst its fans. But if you want to try its $1.00 version, then it is a good bet even then. You are going to like it.

Dashdock Widget

Often regarded as one of the best android widgets, Dashdock Widget is also the most enduring one you can ever have. In fact, I have come across many people who are not into using widgets too much but they still use Dashdock. Why? Because it has a host of features that organize the life of a smartphone user effectively. It is one of the simplest widgets as well with a host of clear features. You don’t have broken the Da Vinci Codes to use it.

Its display helps you get all the information of weather and other important reports. You get notified by email notifications for new messages. You don’t skip any important messages this way. You can set an alarm and secure data. There are thousands of other extensions to make your life even simpler. These extensions have been designed by other developers. Extensions increase the functionality of Dashdock Widget manifold. What is more exciting is that you don’t have work too hard on to downloading it. It is simple and yet powerful like Hulk. It comes for free. So with all these features in the app, you might think that it comes for a good price. But no. It is free. What else can you probably ask for from a widget these days?

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