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6 Easy Tips to Improve Performance of Your Gaming Demon This New Year

Posted on Dec 29, 2016 by in Gaming | 0 comments

If you still think that PC gaming zone is strictly for kids then you will probably be confused for a modern dinosaur in the suit. The latest Hollywood blockbuster release Assasin Creed is based on a blockbuster game by the same name. Top stars from the industry are vying for these exciting gaming adaptations. Some popular gaming titles have raked in more money than Tom Cruise starrer Jack Reacher. In this article, we are going to discuss a few tips to improve performance of your gaming demon like never.

This more than 2 billion dollars industry is going wild and people from all walks of life are getting addicted to this growing phenomenon. Experts have even compared this to the effects of crack. If you are also a die-hard gamer then you know the importance of a perfect rig. Given your love for games, we are going to talk about the ways to optimize your PC for an ideal gaming experience.

Even a single update issue in your PC configuration can spoil your gaming experience. The speed of your computer is the first problem that you will notice. Graphics will splatter in no time. Our guide is aimed to work on all these issues. After reading this guide, your games will look like a 3 Dimension Hollywood adventure movie. You will be able to improve performance with a few tweaks here and there. So just get to it right here:

Time to Getting Rid of Old Graphic Cards

Are you still using the same old graphic card on your PC? A graphic card is a key player if you wish to improve performance of you PC for gaming. However, a lot of people still don’t realize this basic fact. Your graphic cannot work properly if it is not working with suitable drivers. I mean graphic cards perform better with a particular type of drivers. Gamers do not really know this and keep on working on other factors to improve performance of their games. It is important to check other hardware items as well.

Always rely on graphic cards giant nVidia and AMD for performance. Once you will have one of them studded in your rig, you will notice the difference in performance by up to 64 percent. These graphic card giants are the best in the industry. They work regularly to keep up with the style of a new game.

There are various websites from where you can order the most suitable drivers for your PC. Always rely on Beta drivers. This will save your day. All you have to do is to choose your graphic card and the Windows version, you will get to know the kind of driver you require. This is how you can download the drivers.

Tips to Figure Out the Type of Graphic Card in Your PC

The task sounds daunting but it is quite a cakewalk for those who know the drill. First, go to Control Panel by clicking on Start Button on your desktop. Click on Hardware and Sound tab. Go to Device Manager under Device and Printers tab. A menu of built-in devices will open up. Select Display Adapter from the menu. It will show you the graphic you are using.

Overclocking for Some Time Isn’t Bad For Your PC’s Health

Overclocking was like binging on sugar for people suffering from diabetes. However, things have changed drastically over a period of time. Your PC can now bear the effects of overclocking. Chip in your graphic card is solely responsible for the performance of your game. If you wish to improve performance of gaming PC then you should power up the chip. Run your chip at a high speed. Speed setting of your chip comes default but you can change it speed up.

This process of increasing chip setting to make it run faster is called as overclocking. It was a bane for computers a few years ago but things are changing fast. New age computers shut down automatically before damage is done. This is way it is actually not a bad idea to use overclocking for boosting the gaming experience. But yes, we are talking about improving it to up to 10 percent not more than that.

I have seen a few friends of mine increasing their factory clock to up to 15-20 percent on their Alienware X51. Their rigs were still working incredibly good. No problems with their computers were detected as such. In fact, some of them overclocked their graphic cards on their laptops as well and the result were good there too. But you should also keep in your mind that overclocking is very strenuous for your computer. You got to be really careful while doing it. I would recommend you to try these tools for ideal GPU Tweak and EVGA Precision X.

Remove All Other Demons from Your PC with Best Tools

Looking to improve performance of your PC? Get rid of items that you don’t require. This is the basic actually. To optimize the power of your demon you got to make way for it. We tend to install just anything unnecessary on our computer without knowing its effects. This slows down your computer like a snail. How? Well, most programs that you download work even when they are not launched by you. The CPU thus gets stressed out and your gaming experience turns out to be a race of Ninja snails. AVG is a great tool to remove all your unnecessary programs from your computer. Why I like this, even more, is the fact it reduces the impact of a program on a computer. There are times when some programs you need but they can’t let your games perform their best. In such case, this tool comes into light. It is a must have.

Download this AVG PC tune up tool from the web. But hey how is this different from the uninstall feature on Windows? Yeah, it may sound like the one we use on windows but it is entirely different for a number of reasons. First of all, Windows uninstall feature does not allow you to filter programs that you do not need. AVG allows you to have a look at programs that you have not used for a long time. Programs you have not used in a long time are probably the programs you don’t need now. This way you can make your choice of keeping the programs you need. Rest you can dispose of.

Go to ‘Filter List’ and from there select’ Rarely Used Programs’ and ‘Programs Not Used for a Long Time’. You will be amazed to see the number of programs you have not used in such a long span of time.
Not just that AVG allows you to deactivate programs that you actually require in your PC. They don’t run their background activities when you are enjoying a game. So AVG is a helpful tool.

How About an SSD Now?

How are SSDs related to the performance of a game? Well, they are very much linked together though indirectly to some extent. Manual hard disks are good but they are a bit slower than SSDs. SSDs are not known to improve performance of your graphic cards but yes they can reduce the load time significantly. This can lead to a great performance outright.

It is advisable to go for an SSD of 250 GB. You should acknowledge the fact that most popular new games occupy around 8-20 gigabytes. If you are overclocking then it will reach to 60 gigabytes plus games like Blockshock series, Empires III, Tomb Raider, and Crysis 3 are all going to occupy more than 250 GB. Remember, Windows occupy 30 GB as well. So considering this alway opt for an SSD of 250 GB or more. Anything less than that will only lead to your problems.

Samsung 840 is an ideal device in this category. The value of 250 GB at 139 dollars can make you go weak in knees. You can also opt for 480 GB SanDisk. Their performance is mind-boggling. You can play just any game without any disruption in between. It reduces your load time like never before. You play more than you wait. That is actually the mantra of playing it cool.

SuperFetch and PreFetch are Not Your Demons

These two exciting tools are used by Windows to increase launch time of applications. However, it has been found that these features actually slow down the performance of your game when they are active. So you are not going to like them quite often if you are a die-hard gamer like Gerard Butler. It is better to deactivate this two feature everytime you are ready to play a game.

Go to Start Button on the desktop. Select Control Panel and click on System and Security. Then go to Administrative Tools followed by Services. A list will open up. Keep scrolling down until spot SuperFetch on the list. Select and double click on the entry. Now click the Disable button. Do not forget to click on OK button. Close Windows.

To disable PreFetch, you should now open up registry, click the Start orb and type in ‘regedit’ and then Hit enter. Now Go to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSession ManagerMemory ManagementPrefetchParameters”. Double click on Enable PreFetcher and enter 0. This will disable the Prefetcher.

But guys make sure that you do all the changes with great care. Otherwise, wrong entry or command may cause problems to your computer.

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