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6 Best Audiophile Computer Speakers

Posted on Oct 14, 2016 by in Computer Speakers, Tech, Technology | 0 comments

bose-companion-2-series-iii best audiophile computer speakers

Audiophiles like to get the best audio experience they could get. Some like to use headphone, and many enjoy music with a good set of speakers. So here are six best audiophile computer speakers you need to consider before purchasing one.

Hearing music with bad quality of the audio is the worst thing they get.

In the list, we have chosen the speakers in different price segment and usage. So you may not like all the speaker on the list, but you can find a few.

6 Best Audiophile Computer Speakers:

Logitech Z623:


logitech-z623-200-wattLogitech Z623 2. Speaker system is an excellent product that gives impressive studio-quality audio while watching movies, listening to music and playing games. The 200 watts gives a loud sound that can fill large rooms and have controls over the satellite speakers. Users can adjust bass and volume using the satellite speaker. You can connect it any device with a 3.5 mm jack like DVD players, computers, iPods, and iPhones. Gaming consoles like Play Station 2, PS3, PS4, and Xbox can be connected using AV cable.

It comes with a two-year warranty from the Logitech. Overall it is one of the best audiophile computer speakers you can get below 100$ and had thousands of positive ratings from consumers.

Cyber Acoustics 30:


If you are on a tight budget but like to have an audiophile computer speaker, then Cyber Acoustics 30 is the best option. It costs less than 50$ and provides worth much more than the price. It is a 2.1 speaker set with a desktop control pod to control volume, bass, and power. You can connect any device that works on headphone jack or auxiliary input.

If you are just a regular user who needs speakers to watch movies and stuff, then it is a good option for you. It had more than 8000 reviews from the online shopping sites and rating of 4.2 on average. This is the best audiophile computer speakers you can get for less than 50 dollars.

Mackie CR3:


Mackie CR3 studio quality sound and performance for movies, music, games and also for creation. The sound from the speakers is so clear that you can even hear minute details. I like the design of the speaker, especially with the green circles the woofers and volume nob.

One bad in the speakers is it does not have a bass controller. Along with the two speaker’s users will get AC cable, RCA cable, interconnect zip line, and 1/8” to RCA. With a chrome cast audio, you can increase the frontiers of the speakers too much more. All this for less than 100$ which I would say is very low for the features it had.

Bose Companion 2 Series III:


When we talk about audio devices how can anyone not include Bose? Bose companion two series III is the high-quality audio speaker for Audiophiles with clear sound at any volume. Even though the device weighs just above 5 pounds, it produces high-quality sound for entertainment. With an auxiliary input, you can connect any device to the speakers and play music on the device. On the front, you will get input to place the headphone jack and volume nob. This is the best speaker you can get from Bose for less than 100$ and still good for audiophiles.

Polk Audio RTi A1:


Polk Audio RTi A1 is a bookshelf speaker made of real wood and comes with resonance-free enclosures. It had a neodymium magnet and Ferrofluid for cooling. Coming to the sound quality, it produces clean and vibrant sound for many types of music jazz, classical, and rock. The build quality of the wood and some metal and plastic is designed excellently. It can cover larger living spaces without any decrease in quality. Users need to purchase cables as the product does not come with cables. With a 100% rating from more than 200 users, it is one of the best audiophile speakers you can buy.



JBL LSR305 is one of the modern music systems among audiophiles and best for larger rooms. With a pair of this speaker, you can hear the best quality sound even at more considerable distances. The weight of the speakers is heavy, but the build quality and design are excellent. These speakers are so loud that these are not intended for homes more like small parties in the open space. However, these are excellent to use in the house and give the best quality audio. Users can buy these speakers either single or as a pair. For single, it costs around 150$ and for the pair it costs 280+$.

The cost of enjoying music had been at an all-time low in the history; no one had ever thought before that music could become so compact. You can find decent speakers for less than 50$ or more than 500$. Find one had been not so easy especially with plenty of choices. So, users need to do proper research before going to select their speakers.

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