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5 Best Free Android Games You Should Check Out

Posted on Jan 6, 2017 by in Android | 0 comments


Android gaming has developed a lot in the past few years. The play store already hosts a ton of games, and more and more games are added to it every day.

The majority of the most awesome games are paid. Also, looking at the amount of hard work and time that goes into the making of those games, there is no harm in making them a premium resource.

But still, for budget-minded smartphone users like me, it’s hard to spend money on gaming ( even harder it is to prove to my parents that I am spending bucks on a racing car game ).

So, for gamers like me, below are top 5 best free android games that you can play.

Note: These apps include in-app purchases, this means that they are “freemium”. You can download these apps free of cost, but for special upgrades and features, you’d have to pay.

5 Best Free Android Games

#1. Critical Ops


This app falls in the new generation of first person shooting games and is undoubtedly one of the best. The game features you battling with the terrorists in an urban oriented map. You can also play as the terrorist if you want to. The game has a solid online multiplayer community as well. You can ask all your friends to join your game and fight in multiplayer mode as well.

The developers claim that it is still in beta phase, but looking at its performance, it works awesome and gets updated quite frequently. If you’d like to play a free first person shooter, try this one.

#2.  Clash Royal

clash royale

Another game from the makers of Clash of clans. The there first game was a super hit in the gaming community with tons of players playing it daily. In the new game, however, you have to build decks, collect cards and then get into a duel with online opponents. The overall feel is like the clash of clans, with the only difference being that screen orientation is vertical. Trophies are earned or lost by online combat.

You can also share your cards and even challenge your clanmates to fight with you. There is dozen of chances that you get to unlock new cards. It’s a blend of card games and clash of clans.

#3. Cut the rope

cut the rope

This game is an awesome game for passing time. The whole series has gained a lot of popularity and fans. The game revolves around players solving puzzles in unique ways in order to help a frog eating the candy. I don’t think he is a frog because most of the times he is referred to as “Om Nom – the monster”.

With no doubt, there are dozens of power-ups, transformations, a shit ton of levels that will keep you entertained. You can get through the game with no in-app purchases and it will not take a lot of time because the game doesn’t specify or rely on any energy system.

#4. Fallout Shelter


When it was released, it created a huge wave in 2015 and scored its place among the best games released in that year. In the game, you have to build a shelter and take in Dwellers ( survivors ). Your aim is to create an ecosystem. Players have to deal with obstacles such as raids, fires etc.

Apart from that, it’s quite awesome building simulation game. The paid side of the game doesn’t kick in a lot and it’s almost not needed anywhere.

#5. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

final fantasy

This one can be referred to as the best freemium games in the fantasy theme section.

It has a dozen of features from its original game. This includes things such as dungeon explorations, actual town, secret dungeons, hidden treasures and lot of lore. The game is simple but one needs to think critically in order to beat hard opponents and bosses.

You’d find yourself frequently getting rewarded just for logging in daily. Overall, a must to play the game if you love fantasy world games.

Conclusion – I’ve been an android user for more than 2 years. I started with a low-end android device and now moved up to a high end one. All the time, I found that high resource games are not always the best. Sometimes, simple flash games are enjoyable as well.

It all depends on the player and his taste in gaming.

I like these games and I’d love to know which games do you like to play. Leave your opinion in the comments below.

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