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Standing Out from the Crowd of Zombies with a Samsung Tablet Cover Case

Posted on Jan 22, 2017 by in Smartphones | 0 comments

Carrying just the latest tablet is not necessarily your delegate’s pass to the league of elites if you can’t play it right with style. It is exactly like slipping into a pair of mismatched shoes with an elegantly looking dress for an important occasion. However, you can crack the Da Vinci Codes without breaking a single sweat of sweat by choosing the perfect tablet cover case for your tablet. Simple accessories are the biggest rage of the modern times and can help you stand out from the crowd of zombies.

With an explosion of tablet cover cases in the world market, find the one that goes well with your personality is like finding a needle in a haystack. So to make your journey a little easier, we have got you a list of the best tablet cover cases for your Samsung zombies. Here we go:

Samsung Tablet Cover Case for Galaxy 7.0 Tab: SaveYou Tri-Fold

The moment you hear the term Tri-Fold, you start dreaming about the protection that your device will get out of this tablet cover case. All right! Understandably, the main idea of having a tablet cover case is to protect the device from a number of fatalities. SavYou Tri-Fold tablet does the same wonder with a timeless style.

This wonder tablet cover case provides a complete protection to your device while giving you cool access to all ports and buttons. You can even fold into a stand. This is good especially if you are a movie buff. Watch all full-length movies without giving running your neck through a drain of a lifetime. There are several of them in various colors. All you got to do is choose the one that suits you the best. Quirky, funky, vintage, and classics are all up there to lift your style quotient anytime.

Samsung Tablet Cover Case for Galaxy Tab A: Fintie Shell Case

Regarded as some of the most popular tablet cases in the world market right now. these smart finite shell cases are the sights to behold for sure. The first thing that your eyes catch of this beautiful table cover case is its exotic design. It fits all expectation that you may have of tablet cover. It is not just something that protects your device from damages but also beautifies it by adding a host of features.

First of all, it is lightweight. This is what make it a little from others available in the market. No matter how light your tablet is you would not really want to put on weight unnecessarily. It is hard from outside due to synthetic leather and microfiber inside makes its soft. You can fold it horizontally. Thus, it is ideal for typing and gaming of course. More than 30 colors and designs to choose from, you are spoilt for choices.

Samsung Tablet Cover Case for Galaxy Tab A 9.7: FYY Magnetic Case

These FYY Magnetic cases are popular for their comfortable one-hand holding velcros. They are light and come in countless ranges of texture and designs. Comfortable tactile impressions help these range a niche reputation in the market. Apart from being beautiful and safe, they have got some really big slots inside to help you carry your documents securely. Credit cards, memory, or just anything of this genre can fit into this cover case easily.

Not to mention, it comes in various colors and designs but the one catches everyone’s attraction is the pattern – 15. To give yourself a classic look, opt for its range of plain colors such red, blue, and purple among others.

Samsung Tablet Keyboard Case for Galaxy Tab A 9.7

This pro tablet cover case is like a cookie with secret goodies in store for kids. You will not realize the surprises the first moment you lay your hands on this incredibly beautiful tablet cover case. It has got a physical keyboard for you to take care of a number of things. You can find right under the folded front cover of the case. Not just any keyboard to pass it as an out-of-the-box device, it is packed with the best one can ever have. It is the thinnest you can imagine. At just 4.8 mm, you type faster than any genius in the world. Comparatively fewer errors for users in store.

This elegant piece of art for your device is packed with features like auto wake/sleep support and holding straps. Large pockets inside to help you carry your credits cards and other important documents. Loads of colors for you to choose from.

Samsung Tablet Cover Case for Galaxy Tab E 8.0: Fintie Folio Case

All right! These Fintie folio cover cases for Samsung tablets are a treat for people huge fan of Indiana Jones and National Treasure movie series. Why? They have got a series of vintage maps on the cover to sweep you off your feet. The vintage look gives a distinct flavor to your overall personality. You get noticed with these folio cases without a doubt.

What makes this range even more exciting is its range of different colors. There are not the ordinary colors in store for you guys. You can check some of the best designs, textures, and colors. Leopard and Zebra designs are the range amongst its fans. Unleash the style animal in you now.

Samsung Tablet Cover Case for Galaxy Tab E 8.0: ACDream Stand Case

Taking the legacy of style and simplicity ahead in tablet cover case league is AC Dream Stand case for Galaxy Tab E 8.0. It is incredibly hot and yet oozes out an aura of simplicity effortlessly. The range has been designed especially for Galaxy Tab E 8.0. What makes it different from others in the crowd is its ability to stand in various angles. There is no dearth of cases with standing features though it is different from all of them. Most cover cases can stand either horizontally or the other way around. However, this AC Dream Stand case can give you a surprise with its ability to stand the way you want it to.

It is one of the most trusted cover cases when it comes to the safety of your device. The strongest faux leather makes it incredibly beautiful and strong at the same time. So no chances of scratches and other damages whatsoever.

Samsung Tablet Cover Case for Galaxy Tab S2 9.7: MoKo Slim-Fit
All right! This hard shell tablet cover case for Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 is quite interesting. It comes in a few colors, understandably because not all colors go well its hard shell texture. But what really makes it stand out is its light aqua blue color. It crazily looks hot in that. Made of carbon fiber, it also comes with a host of innovative features such as wake/sleep function. It comes to three standing positions.

It has also got an interior hand strap for comfortable one-hand use. It looks interesting in more colors. Amazon is selling it at just $5.99.

Samsung Tablet Cover Case for Galaxy Tab S2: Folding Stand Leather Case

Okay! So this classic tablet cover case comes in two variants for two different S2 sizes. One is for S2 8.0 and another for 9.7. The best part about this classic cover is its price. It is affordable and yet ultra-glam device for Samsung fans. Strong due to faux leather, it protects your device big time from a number possible damages. No fear of scratches whatsoever as it turns out it to be one of the safety covers in the world today.

It has got a few large pockets to help you carry a number of things such as credit/debit cards, metro cards, driver’s license, and other documents. It comes in various colors. However, the one that dominates is the classic black. Try selecting some others from blue and red variations.

Samsung Tablet Cover Case for Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2: Fine Folding Stand Leather Case

Finite seems a big player in the gadget accessories market right now. It is one of the most stylish tablet covers with rotating view functionality. You can view it from four different positions. It comes with 2 landscape views and 2 horizontal ones for you to get a view of a lifetime. This standout for its large pockets and a holder for a plastic pen. This means you can carry a pen everywhere without forgetting it anywhere. Carrying a pen in your pants or shirts is tough. You lose it often that way. However, when you keep it inside the tablet, you are sure about it.

It has also got a sleep/wake feature. There are loads of colors to choose from. However, the ones in bright can give your personality a distinct flavor in no time. The classic black does not go too well with it. It makes it look a little bland. There are classic colors like red that gives you a vibrant look. Easy access to ports and your device. It is also a great fit for Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2. The price of this tablet cover case is around $14.99 on Amazon.

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