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The Best Cheap Gaming Experiences You Must Not Avoid On Your PC

Posted on Sep 22, 2016 by in Gaming | 0 comments

The gaming industry is flourishing with new zombies on the block with each passing day but the enigma around those cheap gaming experiences is not likely to subside anytime soon. The war has now gone a bit farther from just about graphics and quality to consoles and cheap gaming PC s. The new warriors are inside the ring to settle their longtime feud.

But when it comes to ripping off your targets one by one, then I believe there can never be a place better than your own customized cheap gaming PC s. The best part about the underdog is that it can let you configure your game your way without any mess whatsoever. I mean I know it is fun to be there on those classic Xbox Ones and PS 4s but at the end of the day it all boils down to strength and freedom. Your gaming PC s are loaded with graphic cards and processors that are way more ideal for any cheap gaming experience than you can imagine.

This is why there is no dearth of all top-notch cheap gaming experiences designed for your PCs. The credit to this goes to the popularity of Xbox Box Windows 10 Store that has made discovering cheap gaming experiences on your PCs a lot easier than before. This means you can deal with just any Hulk on the prowl and that too on your own.

It is all about your personalized experience. Trust me. So no matter whether you have a tail of your mouse in your control or teeth of keyboard, the fun is tailor made for something your fingers are addicted to. Time to carry your PC like a gun in your hand and go on frenzy like never before as we bring you some of the best cheap gaming experiences for you on your PCs. Here we go:

The Sequel Strikes the Right Chord: Titanfall 2


So you are one of those who panned down the first installment of the Titanfall? We will still recommend you to try Titanfall 2 and not pass it on just some unknown frenzy. Titanfall 2 is a multiplatform game that has stubbed all the bad reputation its previous has earned for it. The previous version was not a straight away dud. It was liked by a handful of critics who loved it for a variety of reason. We will though focus more on things that it was most hated for by its fans. There were a lot of discrepancies in the plot and the makers have done a favor for them to go around the issue again and rectify them from ground zero.

Titanfall 2 is now a potpourri of some of the most exciting Christopher Nolan Like plots. They are riveting and keep you on your toes all through the game. The story of this cheap gaming experience gets a makeover for lifetime. The makers of this cheap gaming are some of the best faces behind some of the most popular games on the block right now. So we are not really surprised when the latest version of Titanfall comes back to haunt all the die-hard cheap gaming fans with a host of improvements. The mean machines flying the space are dazzling. The pilots have more options to fly their Hulks in the air with more confidence.

There is more to explore in this cheap gaming experience. It is set to release in October, 2016.

Creeping Under the System Shock 3


Honestly speaking, no best cheap gaming list can ever be completed without an old wine served in a traditional utensil. So when the news of System Shock returning to gaming PC s did the round, I was totally hooked to it and monitored it regularly. The last version of System Shock was released somewhere in the late 90s. It was a rage that scared the shit out of people then.

One of the scariest horror genres ever released on PCs is all set to foray into the world of modern cheap gaming where everything is just different. They are now in the world of blood-sucking slower-than-snail filthy zombies. But i am sure this cheap gaming experience will leave you dumbfounded with its unique plot and the villain the psychopath Al Shodan. I am dying to see this back on screen in a different avatar even today. The memories of some games are not indelible. System Shock 3 is going to be one such cheap gaming experience for you this year. Developed by Otherside Entertainment, the game will also support VR feature. Oh My God! This is gonne be a lot scarier than you can imagine.
The release date of the game has not been finalized yet.

Care For Some Cupheads?


As if cheap gaming experiences for late 90s was not enough, a number of mean developers on the block are now reviving the old 1930 cartoon inspired Cuphead. This is seriously out of the world thinking, which I am not sure how would fare in the contemporary scenario.

But what can work for the game is its old nostalgic feel clubbed with thrill of the real world gaming of this era. Cuphead is full on its art quotient that throws you back in the time of Mickey Mouse and his steamboats. This game is the most innocent of all I have seen in the long time. It is just adorable and full-on nostalgic from all perspectives. I am really looking forward to play this game in 2016. The release date of the game has not been finalized yet.

Driving it Around in Forza Horizon 3


Touted as one of the most successful racing games on the block, Forza Horizon 3 is here to rule and take the legends of success a notch high without any mess. The Forza cheap gaming series has more of Xbox devoted but with its third installment, Horizon 3, it is trying to break the stereotype and serve its fans around the globe with this cheap gaming experience. So no more fuss around Xbox Ones now because you have the mean cars right in your gaming Hulk designed exclusively for you.

All the cheap gaming fans can easily get it on Play Anywhere Program. Obviously and as predicted, Forza Horizon 3 is packed with some of the most innovative features now. The cars more customized than before with a variety of new functionalities and features. What I really found more exciting is its map. It is huge as compared to those seen in its previous versions.

So you don’t have to go for an expensive Australian holiday this year as you can explore the country of Kangaroo on your personal Forza Horizon 3. This would be probably more thrilling exploring it like this than that way obviously. The best part is that you can experience it in 4 K resolution. So buckle yourself up now for the adventure of lifetime in Australia.

Firing it Up in the Dragon Age: Inquisition


All right! Here we are. If you have played a few games of the series before then you are bound to make the comparison here with the latest cheap gaming zombie on the block called Dragon Age: Inquisition. This is a hell lot of a game with some out of the world cheap gaming experience brought right to your gaming PC. The moment you foray into the game you realize that the game is a bit grander than its versions. The world of the Dragon Age is huge as compared to what we have seen before. It is more vibrant as well. However, the best part about gaming is that it throws all the controls on you. There is a lot of freedom to you, which is very rare around.

The gameplay of the Dragon Age: Inquisition is mind blowing. It keeps you on your toes throughout 90 hours of the gameplay. The dialogues of the gaming are out of the world. It makes me feel like I am watching a movie in a theater. The plot of the game is better than those created by Christopher Nolan. You stay hooked for months. This is undoubtedly one of the best cheap gaming experiences for those who have not had a chance to play a game like this.

You are thrown into an unknown world, which is way bigger than the earth. It is like you are walking past undeads in Jupiter. But don’t worry guys! The grand scale of this cheap gaming does not affect the storyline and gameplay. They are better than the previous versions. A number of critics have called it a combination of Diablo and Elder Scrolls series, which in itself is a complement to this gaming experience.

I understand that a gameplay of more than 90 hours could have been a very big gamble in the absence of a good storyline and plots. However, the makers ensured no compromise on the quality over anything else. This is probably the best cheap gaming experience coming out in the year 216.

The League of Extraordinary Heroes: Hearthstone—Heroes of Warcraft


So the gamers who have been crash dieting lately to detoxify themselves of some of the worst games in the past years can finally relish the gaming pizza with loads of mozzarella cheese on top. Touted as one of the most intelligent games on the block, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is the Game of Thrones for the gaming industry today.

I don’t know why but the title of the gaming also looks like something inspired by an era of the lines of Games of Thrones. It has a feel of it. The latest version of Hearthstone is bound to mesmerize you with its new twists and turns. The plot of the game will break your spine with its mystery. So if you are looking for something ordinary, this ain’t the right game you have come across to. With a countless number of incarnations since its first birth a few years back to a variety of modernizations, the game has completely wooed the entire gaming industry with its every hue and color. These incarnations of sorts however can give memento like moments to any first time Gerard Butler and those who are returning to this iconic collectible card game (CCG) after a long sabbatical.

The game has been praised by the fans and the critics alike from all around the globe. The best thing is that you can learn game like on the back of your hand but you can’t master it overnight. It is just like chess. You can learn the moves of players but you can’t win until you master it. You will have to think, make strategies, plan, and defeat the opponent without a mess.

It is thrilling and out of the world cheap gaming experience for sure. For those who are huge intelligent game lovers should go with this without wasting their time. This is probably the best intelligent game on the block after so many years. Play it now or you don’t know when another game on the same lines will come to haunt your expectations.

Dark Nights for The Dark Souls 3


So the other best cheap gaming experience on our list is the Dark Souls 3, which if you go by its name is as dark as Dark Night series by Christopher Nolan. There is something really intriguing about the title. You are into the game the moment read its title. The graphics are mind blowing but what catches my attention in The Dark Souls 3 is its visual effects. The costume of characters and the ambience is creepy much to the title of The Dark Souls 3.

However, the critics have panned down the game severely for being way less complicated than its previous versions. But I would still say that the game is not necessarily boring just because of its easy gameplay. In fact, simplicity works in the favor of the game. All the elements of Souls series has been kept intact. They have all been blended together with the spices found in the hit game Bloodborn by the same developer. The Dark Souls 3 is created by Software.

Having said that it is an easy game, don’t take it lightly. It is still tough to master. What I loved about this cheap gaming experience is its combat skills. They are not ordinary. You can’t master just like that. It is a fair game, where you are taking part with other casual gamers in a world full of adventure and thrill. What makes this one of the best cheap gaming experiences is its PC optimization feature. They were not available with its previous versions.

Building the Pillars of Eternity


Another entrant on our cheap gaming experience list is the Pillar of Eternity. Surprisingly refreshing and enthralling, Pillars of Eternity runs on the course of Icewind Dale Baldur’s Gate. The gameplay of the game is more than that of hundred straight hours. What I personally loved about this game is its combat skills. The detailing that has gone into it is remarkable. The makers have done a great job to make it stand out from the crowd of standard cheap gaming experiences.

Another good feature about the game is that it does not require gaming PC to brag out of the world features to play the game. And yet it is still the best cheap gaming thing around right now. The art style of the game is simple yet attractive. It supports the plot and the gameplay without making a mess of it. It is slightly nostalgic too. It reminds me of RPG fantasy of the 2000s to me.

However, this is not entirely something like nostalgic for me. There are new plots, clever writing, modern weapons, and costume to make uber-modern and contemporary.

Playing it with Alien Isolation


Alien Isolation is probably the most loved cheap gaming experiences for all types of die-hard Gerard Butlers around the world. The game has been inspired by a 1979 movie by the same name Alien. The Alien Isolation is, however, the sequel of the movie in the form of a game set right after 15 years from where the movie ended.

Alien was a huge success and set several box office records. So when the sequel to it was announced in the form of a game by the same name a sort of frenzy was unleashed amongst fans. The plot of the game is out of the world and lets you live the characters of the real movie. I find this really interesting personally whenever I am in charge of a bloody mass and everybody else’s survival. The same plot revolves around here in the Alien Isolation.

In the game, you are in the shoes of Amanda Ripley who is the daughter of Alien protagonist Ellen Ripley. The Nostromo spacecraft is in shambles and your mission is to recover its flight recorder. What makes this more exciting is the fact that you don’t too much fancy weaponry with you to take things lightly around. Alien Isolation is one of the best stealth games packed with some of the best graphics in the industry. A hell of a cheap gaming experience for your PC for sure.

The Frenzy around Shooting Game: Counter Strike-Global Offensive


I am a huge a shooting game fan and when Counter Strike: Global offensive was announced I was completely hooked to the news. For those have played its previous versions know what a classic game it has become over the past few years. One of the best things about this game is that it has not lost its sheen despite being there in the industry for a hell lot of time.

The popularity of this cheap gaming is largely based on its huge online communities. The trend helped it gain find strong foothold in the arena big time. A few moments into the game you feel like you are Clive Own shooting all the targets up like they can’t react. You have a host of modern weaponry that you can change as you proceed through other stages of the game.

The graphics are incredible. You should see the buildings go up in flames. It is so lifelike. You feel like you are watching a movie theater actually. The sound is amazing and supports the plot big time effortlessly. The costume of the protagonist is detailed. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is on the lines of Call of Duty.

Adventuring in the Farcry 4


Next on the list is again a cheap gaming experience that mesmerizes with its shooting skills. Those who have played all the previous versions of the game should indulge in Farcry 4 for a lot of good reasons. It is first of all the best in the series so far and secondly the best in graphics game Ubisoft has ever created.

Farcry 4 is an action adventure in the woods. However, the makers have managed to combine the action with beauty without making a fuss about it. So you are not on just killing spree out there in the woods. You can take some rest and behold the beauty around you for a while. It keeps you going in the 30 hours gameplay. The plot of the game is intriguing and keeps you on your toes until you are done. That means there are months of quality gaming at your rescue this time.

What is more beautiful about this game is the variety of things you can do in the game. You are not just killing like a zombie out there but also rescuing innocents and collecting resource to survive and lead the mass. It’s a blast this season with Farcry 4.

Catching Up with The Faster Than Light (FTL)


So if you are a huge fan of driving a spaceship and star wars then this game is the it game for you guys. So you are not just in the spaceship trying to find an alien plant to land and kill your enemies here, there is a hell of thing you got to do in the Fast Than Light.

This game has been popular amongst masses and, thus, has its own moments of surprises and excitement. Running a spaceship has never been so exciting honestly. However, the mechanism of this cheap gaming is a little bit complex because you are not running spaceship here. You are in the command of the spaceship. That means you are taking of just everything there to survive in the space from your enemies. From weapons to engines to machines to areas of spaceship, you are doing it all on your own. The game relies on your decisions from the start. One of the downsides is that it gets too deep quite often, which may not go down too well with its fans.

Ordering your crew to douse a fire and let them navigate through steroids is a hell of fun. It may sound a little tiring for some with its title but it is a hell lot of fun when you are actually into it.

Grim Fandango Remastered


All right! The best cheap gaming experience seems to be all about the world of 90s reloading in this modern world. So the next on the list is the classic game of dark horror comedy Grim Fandango Remastered. Those who have played it before can swear by the fun and excitement of this cheap gaming experiences of 90s.

The rumor around the sequel of this game was around for a while. Its launch this year comes as a boon for those who were tired of playing some of the worst releases of the year. The makers of the game have given this a very ideal makeover. The game seems to have struck the right chord once again with the launch of its sequel. One of the best things about this game is that it combines the flavors of all the genres on the block. I can’t just call it a dark horror comedy. It is an adventure game purely. Some of the best graphics and sound make it the top cheap gaming experience on the block right now.

What I personally love about this game is its clever writing that carves itself a unique niche. The version comes with better controls. Incredible!

A Roller Coaster Ride With the Elder Scrolls: SKYRIM


Since it was launched some four years back in 2012, SKYRIM is still going strong in the industry and the credit for its unending success goes to its out of the world plot and storyline. One of the main reasons for its ageless popularity amongst its die-hard fans is its high-resolution graphics and selection of mods.

The sound of the game also supports its thrilling storyline. The adventure goes on par with some of the best action scenes designed keeping in the entertainment quotient of the current generation. The Vanilla version of the RPG has more than 100 hours of gameplay. So you got several months booked of adventure playing the Elder Scrolls: SKYRIM.

The detailing of the costume of the characters and protagonist is remarkable. Cool weaponry that changes as you proceed further into the game makes your experience out of the world. The gameplay can increase even more with its DLC expansion packs such as Hearthfire, Dragonborn, and Dawnguard. The critics of the gaming industry have compared Elder Scrolls: SKYRIM with The Witcher 3. This is a complement. Packed with loads of fun and adventure, Elder Scrolls: SKYRIM is a hell of a game designed to tickle your gaming buds.

Zombie Play with A Difference in DayZ


I was wondering for a while as to why we don’t have any cheap gaming experience around a plot on zombies. And here it comes. So the first zombie mania on the list is DayZ, which with its action and horror has ripped the cheap gaming world off.

DayZ is not just about some ugly zombies on a killing spree but also about survival, intelligence, and loads of goosebumps action on the block. The makers of the game launched it originally as Arma II Mod. This one of the best cheap gaming experience on your PC is a standalone shooter game with twists and turns you can’t predict. What I personally like about this game is that fact the protagonist is not there fighting alone with the zombies. The threat of getting a shot at by is even more intense as you may bump on to other online gamers on the map.

With just a gun, flashlight, and a backpack, the game of survival is way more than just difficult here. You got to be proactive to survive in the game for long. Pretty much opposite to Left4Dead blockbuster, you as the main protagonist in this cheap gaming experience will be required to avoid these slower-than-snail zombies.

Crafting it Right with the MineCraft


Touted as one of the most popular games of all time, Minecraft has defied several myths in the cheap gaming industry effortlessly. Every time I get to write about MineCraft I can’t resist the feeling of writing this phrase,” build it, they will come” from some movie I don’t know about.

The phrase fits well for one of the world’s most loved cheap gaming experiences. According to reports, Minecraft has sold as many as 19 million copies so far making its one of the top games in the world. What I like about this cheap gaming experience is that it lets you take control of your own survival. You are not following a mechanism here. You are building a safe haven for your own survival. Apart from entertaining you, the game also makes you think creatively. It is an intelligent game. With its sandbox RPG, you get to explore other worlds and make your own effortlessly.

You are not building a particular type of a building only. There are small huts and big royal castles you can build for yourself. All of this intelligence is clubbed the zombie mania. You have to watch out for Zombies who are there to eat every time you leave your sight from them.

Coloring it Bright with The Orange Box


One of the oldest cheap gaming experiences on the block is The Orange Box that needless to say has started showing signs of age now. However, the game is still the best cheap gaming experiences for those who know the true meaning of gaming. It is a must have for you if you are looking for some best cheap gaming experiences on the block. FPS fans can also vouch for it.

One of the best features of this game is that it is going to be the first game in the history to be using physics for its combat scenes. Despite being too old for a game in the industry today, it is still the latest in the Valve’s Franchise. The game applies physics for its puzzles as well. Other versions of this cheap gaming experience are equally good in performance and take you to a roller coaster ride of a lifetime. The hero of the game carries Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, which makes the game even more exciting.

The graphics of the game are remarkable. All the action is packed with loads of goosebumps scenes. The sound also supports the plot, making it a hell lot of a fun to play.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


The stalwart finally arrives on the list of the best cheap gaming experiences. After blessing all the lists of games and PCs, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt had to be here no matter what sooner or later. If you have played other games of the series, then you must have been waiting for its installment with bated breaths. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a feast for your eyes. The graphics of the game are incredible on your gaming PC. One of the best moments for me was standing on the edge of the castle and beholding the sight of the world extending its hand out to me.

The combat senses of the game are designed so beautifully that you feel for every move. You can actually feel fighting in scenes. Critics have raved about this cheap gaming experience and have even termed it as the most ambitious open-world RPG.

However, a few fans are disappointed for is underwhelming graphic quality as compared to its trailer released a few months back. The plot does not match up with the storyline of its previous versions either. The detailing in the gaming is just out of the world.

Doom’s Day


The frenzy around Doom was like that of a rage around Michael Jackson during his heydays. Doom was one of the best cheap gaming experiences in the 90s that changed the face of gaming completely.

Shooting games are still the big rage and the news of Doom coming back to haunt zombies on gaming PC is already creating a buzz. Critics panned down the game initially for the explicit depiction of violence and gore. However, the game became a hit with its gaming fans instantly.

Doom is a first-person single shooter game all set to make a comeback this year with some new twists and turns. It is believed that the game will be launched in a multiplayer platform for its gaming fans. However, the news of its being launched in a multiplayer platform has not gone too well its fans who find its single player platform more exciting.

The graphics of the game are way better than its previous versions in the 90s. There is a host of some fancy weaponry in the game that empowers you to like never before. The background score of the game is supportive and ups and leaves you mesmerized. Shooting Demons have never been so good in my life.

Project Cars On The Way to Best Cheap Gaming Experiences in 2016


Project Cars is the new poison for those obsessed with speed and the frenzy around it. This game on the block is one of its kind with ultra superior graphics on the screen. In the racing cars game, graphics tend to play a very significant role. From the look of the cars in the race to their features, every detail has to be perfect to give a lifelike feel to gamers around the world.

The realism quotient in Project Cards is packed to capacity. The makers of the game have not compromised on entertainment though to make it just a real thrill.

Men love their cars as their women. The cars in the Projet Cars are hot with detailed customizations and a variety of controls in the dashboard. There are loads of hot cars competing with each other on the track. Some of the cars include Le Mans, GT, F1, Retro, and Kart among others.
But what I personally loved about this game is its weather effects. They are amazing and out of the world. Car actions are lifelike. The coming off of tires and catching fire is incredible.

Elite: Dangerous


This is the third space game entry on the list so far and I am not really surprised because a few good space games currently in the market are doing all the good word of mouth for others. The incredible success of movies like Star Wars has also helped. Elite: Dangerous is highly inspired by a game called Elite released in1984.

Elite: Dangerous is one of the best cheap gaming experiences in the industry today. The plot of the game revolves around a milky way. The mission of the game is to rank high on the level of Elite by waging a war against the demons, trading, surviving, and exploration.

One of the best parts of the game is that there are several situations that demand you to take up a variety of jobs such as mining, piracy, bounty hunting, and trading.

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