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10 Things You Don’t Know About I Phone 7

Posted on Sep 13, 2016 by in review, Smartphones | 0 comments

So guys! The days of hallucinating in dark are finally over. There is no more Christopher Nolan’s movie like twists around. The monster is unleashed. I Phone 7 has been launched officially by the company amid fanfare and excitement.

The mysteries around its design, performance, and specifications are all out in the open. Kick all the rumors away and dip your head in the truth now. The phone packs in some out of the world surprises in its heart. We take you through the demon and everything you got to know. Here we go:


Looks and design

10 Things You Don’t Know About I Phone 7

All right! If we talk about looks and design of the latest I Phone 7, then Apple has not done much to get a makeover here. It looks exactly like its last counterpart I Phone 6 and 6S in almost everything. There is no way you can spot a difference between the two through your naked eyes.

But that said, there are bound to have some differences—big and small both. There is no headphone jack. That is it! No other visible change whatsoever. However, its new jet black color is strikingly good. But it shouldn’t perform like a fingerprint machine. Other variants are matte black, Gold, and rose Gold.


No glory hole

10 Things You Don’t Know About I Phone 7

The glory hole of I Phone 7 that is its 3.5 mm headphone socket is no more. Yes. You got it. There is no headphone socket at all in the phone. This is a big change and a lot of experts have not been able to figure out the inspiration behind this quirky move.

However, Apple has got it first Lightning—3.3 mm adapter. Bingo! But who would on earth stick to an adapter on the go? Too deep for people like us, huh?

Then you got wireless AirPods with I Phone that can go on and on for more than five hours flat without any interference whatsoever. But why on earth would you think of removing such a basic need from I Phone 7? This is living like a Zombie in love with Kim Kardashian.


The monster does not have any aqua phobia

So the next time you sit on a toilet seat with your pants down, you don’t have to really bother about the fate of your I Phone 7 if drowned accidentally. Yes. That is right. The I Phone 7 monster comes with a waterproofing technology for the first time ever.

You can indulge in a romantic rain dance with your significant other or dive into a pool in pants without giving it much of a thought. Its waterproofing seals will not allow moisture to enter its machines.

But what really surprising here is that a ruling Shark like Apple has introduced waterproofing so late. There are some small fishes in the ocean that have done it a long time back. It is too late of a company to accept waterproofing but too generous of fans who have embraced with open arms.


Camera: picture me perfect

10 Things You Don’t Know About I Phone 7

There’s some really good news for those who eat, sleep, and live photographs. The camera of I Phone 7 is slightly better than its last version I Phone 6 and 6S. So more selfies and trips to unknown destinations only for the heck of pics to be posted on Instagram.

With the launch of a new device of a phone series every year or so, one thing is guaranteed that the camera will be a little more powerful than the previous one. And so is the case with the latest monster at the center of all the limelight right now. However, it has all the twists doing the rounds in sheer surprises.

It’s got the same 12 megapixel sensor, which, however, is 60 percent faster than the I Phone 6S. It is 30 percent more energy efficient designed for your endless photography spree. You can now have more selfies than you can think.

There is a wider f/1.8 aperture that guzzles more light than demons ramp walked last year. Its TrueTone flash is powered by four LEDs that offer 50 percent more flash in darkness. I mean the quality of the pictures will be very good now in darkness as well.

Save both JPEGs and RAW files without any difficulty. The front especially for selfie zombies is now 7 megapixel with a FaceTime HD sensor. I am gonna get it soon!


The monster can zoom in big time

10 Things You Don’t Know About I Phone 7

Apart from just a 12 megapixel camera, this I Phone camera is loaded with some really cool stuff. It’s got 56 mm telephoto lens. The standard one is just 28 mm in other models. You can imagine the difference now.

What I really loved about I Phone 7 is its new 1x button. Press it to have fun with its 2x zoom that just does not leave you. It can be increased to up to 10x without any tearing of the pixels whatsoever.

Although apple has been quite low key on its exterior designs, it has not shied away from taking a few revolutionary steps to jazz up its key features. Its advanced zooming technology is out of the world and has been made possible only through the brains of the stalwarts. If I Phone 7 performs as designed by the company, then this is a hell of camera ever on a smartphone. I am really to see performing and change the face of the world once again after the launch of Apple phones in 2008.

One of the best experiences is to see a camera mingling so well with its software applications. It’s got a magic like face detection technology in its Portrait Mode. The background goes blurred automatically giving us a strikingly good bokeh effect. But yes, it is too early to rave about its performance right now. Let it spend some time in the industry. Let it deliver on its claims.

I Phone 7 has a bigger brain

Like most of you, I was not a great fan of I Phone’s 16 GB phenomenon either. Honestly speaking, it was a useless phenomenon that I don’t know why dragged on for so many years. Trust me, for a Hulk like I Phone, 16 GB was like a needle in a pile of stacks. After carrying on essential applications and the space hungry iOS, you are left with space for just your 15 selfies or so. Yeah. I am not kidding here. The so called 16 GB phenomenon was absolutely useless.

And I am really happy that the latest I Phone 7 has played down the idea this time. The new demon from the I Phone series has a bigger brain than its counterparts. It comes with a memory of 32 GB and other variants are real monsters with 128 GB and 256 GB of internal space.

Do you know what? This internal memory of I Phone 7 is way too more than some of the laptops in the industry today. In fact, you can take the example of the laptops of Apple, they are not even that big in memory.

The performance of the monster

10 Things You Don’t Know About I Phone 7

You can be identical and have a notch high camera every year or so. But you can’t be just okay with the performance of the beast on the league. With the launch of a new device every year, the expectations of people increases as well. They know it has to be better than the existing ones in a variety of ways.

The same theory applies to I Phone 7. The launch of the new I Phone has set the pulse of the industry racing with rumor mills spinning around the finest processor on the league. All the rumors have now been put to rest with the launch of I Phone 7 that is the most powerful processor backed smartphone in the galaxy.

I Phone 7 is backed up by the latest A 10 processor, touted to be the company’s most powerful one. Undoubtedly! If you try to analyze the beast for a while, you will keep giving yourself shocks after regular intervals.

The new Hulk on the block is packed with a quad-core processor that’s got two high-octane cores. This is more than 40 percent faster than the ones stashed in previous I Phones—6 and 6s. If they are so powerful, then they power sucking zombies on prowl, right?

Wrong. They are not gaming laptops that with more performance would want more power. One of the best features of I Phone 7 is that they are gen-next energy efficient machines. They don’t eat too much. In fact, they are like camels that store water in their pouches and survive through a few scorching months without bickering for anything.

For the mobile gaming fans, this is a gaming laptop like experience on a phone. You will now be able to zip in faster than on I Phone 6 and 6S. Enjoy your gaming sessions, buddies. In fact, the company has itself claimed to offer consoles level gaming experience to its fans with the launch of I Phone 7. However, we must wait for a while to see whether it really means what it is saying right now. Only time will tell.

A better battery life than before

I don’t understand as to why Apple does not talk about its battery life openly. It has been so many year but Apple makes it a point to never reveal the size of its battery. This keeps me a little bit thinking on what a brand like Apple would have in its mind when it hides a few important details as this? So as expected, even this time around Apple has not said a word about its battery life. But as per my calculations, it is more than the battery life of the previous versions (I Phone 6 and 6S). I am not pretty much sure exactly but yes it is more somewhere more than 2 hours or so without any doubt.

However, we can’t claim anything right now. The Apples has not said a word about it exact battery life. But I am optimistic that my calculation is not incorrect. I am waiting for the day when Apple will itself talk about this in open. Fingers crossed!

The rainbow display

I don’t know why but I Phone 7 seems to have been inspired by all the upcoming high-octane gaming laptops in the industry. It’s got a hell of a processor and next-gen GPU for an outstanding gaming experience phone. What is it really going on the mind of I Phone this time?

I mean compare this. I Phone 7’s display has been borrowed from its iPad Pro model. This is actually a good thing. The display of the model is brutally natural from all angles possible. This is because of its new wide color gamut technology. The technology offers better color saturation and in turn gives natural display without any interruption. The pictures taken by the camera of the phone or so natural that at some point you feel like they will jump out of screen and start dancing with you.

I am a die-hard gaming fan. Looking forward to experience some real hot-shot gaming on this device soon. That way I will also judge its screen display quality as well. I guess the best way to judge a device’s display is by playing a game on it.

The touchpad of the phone

10 Things You Don’t Know About I Phone 7

I Phone 7 has not tried too hard to get a makeover once again. The Home touchpad is still the way to go for I Phone with some slight changes obviously. The touchpad of the I Phone is inspired by the MacBook’s Force Touch. I am not too much fond of Force Touch, anyway.

For me, it just does not make any sense. May be because I am not too much aware of the magic it can spill. I should rather wait to get enlightened on the Force Touch.

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