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MSI GT80 Titan SLI: Review

Posted on Sep 1, 2016 by in Gaming, Reviews | 0 comments

All right! This MSI machine is a Hulk in black version. It is seriously big and brutal in performance. The first thing that strikes you the first moment you see it is its size and the frenzy it can unleash if put to the best use. There is no doubt that with its weight (it is around 10 pounds or so if I can guess properly) it is abusing the definition of portability that the laptops were created for. However, this modern world titanic is no less than a desktop in performance for gaming.


Key features

The mammoth has a brain of 5th generation Intel Core i7 Processor. It is best for gaming due to its 2 X Nvidia GTX 980 M SLI (16 GB GDDR5) GPU and HD graphics of 4600. Critics from all around the globe have termed it as the best device for gaming despite being heavy in weight. In fact, the idea behind not really thinking about its weight while manufacturing was not compromising on quality in any condition. It has an 18.4-inch display screen that is larger than the largest we got on the list (Origin EON17-SLX with a screen size of 17.3 inches).

This means that the machine is designed to give you a desktop experience no matter what. In fact, this machine is designed to run just any game under the sky as its configurations suggest. You can play just any game with any graphic complications on this machine without having to think about the performance. It has some one of the best heat management features loaded in it. So keep on playing no matter how long a game is without having to worry about its battery life.


Other features

Did I forget to mention its keyboard? Yes. I did. Well, the keyboard is mechanical. Surprised? Yeah. A mechanical keyboard for a machine that is not a desktop. You know your fingers adjust to its keys on their own and you suddenly start hitting it like you know it for long. Its keyboard is very gamer-friendly.


Look and design

Big is better adage best fits for the behemoth right in my hands. As said earlier, it is a hell of a Hulk of laptops. Laptops were designed for portability, which it seems to have defied with its size. But not exactly. It just looks big but it is as portable as other demons of its league are. It is so attractive that people will stop by to get introduced to the monster. It looks elegant in its aluminum lid and resembles a lot like the hood of red Porsche with that red MSI logo on it.



You will be taken by the surprise when you will open the lid for the first time. It is like you have hopped into a car you have only dreamt of all your life. There is this mechanical backlit red keyboard right where normally a digital touchpad is with empty space on either side. Digital touchpad is on the right, next to the keyboard and right above is the power buttons. There is no space for your palms to rest. This space has been shifted above. It looks more like a gadget used by an alien.

Touted as the first ever gaming laptop with a mechanical keyboard, MSI GT80 Titan makes it possible for us to live a dream of having a desktop keyboard fixed on the laptop. The crackling sound of the keyboard is just outstanding. They are more durable than those ordinary laptop keyboards. I scored 70 words per minute on this machine. I normally score around 60 words on laptops with ordinary keyboard.



MSI GT80 Titan SLI: Review

Just like its keyboard, you will be happy with its whopping 18.4-inch screen that gives you a splendid viewing experience courtesy its vivid angles. I played a few games on this machine and was surprised to see the details of coloring in them. Every single color, whether it is smoke emanating from the burnt down building after a long battle with Zombies or blood oozing out from the bodies of enemies, all was upfront right in your face. It all looked so real without having you to think much about it.



MSI GT80 Titan SLI: Review

As its other compositions are, the audio of the machine is equally mind blowing. It comes with Dynaudio speakers with subwoofers on the bottom. They can wreak havoc during any gaming experience. However, there is not much precision in the sound that comes as the major blow especially for those who might not use this machine only for gaming. I personally love listening to music on my laptops and it just killed my hobby instantly. The music, background score, guitar, piano etc. all fall flat on your ears as if there is no juice in them. It is like eating an orange without pulp.



MSI GT80 Titan SLI: Review

As said earlier, it’s got a touchpad on the far right of the deck of the laptop, right next to the keyboard. This seems to have been copied from the Blade Notebook of the Razer series. Its touchpad looks slightly different from those ordinary touchpads on other laptops. It is tall, not wide. Once you press the button on the left corner of the touchpad, a digital number pad illuminates and starts functioning.
It suddenly becomes a number keyboard just like on the far right of desktop keyboards. So you can type in just any number while working on the laptop anytime.

Heat management

MSI GT80 Titan SLI: Review

MSI GT80 Titan is an ideal machine for those looking for a laptop that does not get heated too much. I used this for long and it was not as warm as other laptops would have been in the same time frame. I watched an episode of “The Games of Thrones” followed by an hour of surfing on the Internet and some did some chatting on Facebook. It was relatively cool than compared to those that turn into a burning furnace after some time of usage.


MSI GT80 Titan SLI: Review

I am in awe of its webcam because for the first time ever I got to see myself exactly the way I am. The color of my shirt looked exactly the way it is in reality. However, the pictures captured by the camera are not as detailed as you might think. It is just all right. But who cares if it can at least show the colors the way they are.


MSI GT80 Titan is the best gaming laptop around with the first ever mechanical keyboard on any laptop. With Intel Core i7 Processor and 2 X Nvidia GTX 980 M SLI (16 GB GDDR5) GPU and HD graphics of 4600, it functions like an AK – 47 rifle. It is a long-term investment. No doubt.

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