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10 Top VR Games released in 2016 to Play

Posted on Sep 1, 2016 by in Gaming, Tech, Virtual Reality | 0 comments

Top VR Games 2016

Virtual Reality had been changing drastically over the years. Since the inception of Oculus Rift in 2012 within less than half a decade, it is unleashing its potential. Many think that it is not yet time for the mainstream VR, but everything is changing quickly. Oculus acquisition by Facebook had given an advantage for VR industry. More companies, technologies, and start-ups are interested in contributing to the development of Virtual Reality.

According to me, 2016 is the start of mainstream VR. The gaming industry is going to contribute more to the development of VR. Most of the consumer versions of Oculus, Vive are out this March and game development companies are rushing to gain the customers. Both Oculus and Vive are having their exclusive games, and both are having the edge over each other. PlayStation is also entering the arena with its VR headset “Play Station VR” in this October with a lot of exciting franchises developing games for it. Here are 10 top VR games from Oculus, Steam, Gear VR and PlayStation VR.

10 Top VR Games released in 2016:

Top VR Games 2016

Hover Junkers:

Hover Junkers is VR Multiplayer shooting game that was designed and developed by Stress Level Zero. It is designed for HTC Vive and could only play on Vive VR headset. The plot for Hover Junkers set in a post-apocalyptic period where all the ships hover in the air. Like the racing vehicles in Star Wars Phantom Menace but bigger in size. Players need to survive by collecting junk to upgrade their ships, fight in the tournaments and attacking of defending from other players.

AS we know that VR games require high specifications, Hover Junkers also recommends good specs. It needs an i7-4770 processor, 16 GB RAM, and NVidia GTX 980 graphics card. Overall Hover Junkers is a fun and well-presented VR game where players can get immersed in virtual reality.

Fantastic Contraption:

Fantastic Contraption is a VR puzzle that could be played in HTC Vive headset. It is a single player game developed by Northway Games and published by Radical Games. Players need to build machines to deliver a pink ball to its destination using materials provided to you. You will have different levels to complete and from one level to the other difficulty will be increased. Players will have a lot of room for creativity where there are no rules and restrictions. It is having 50 levels in the game and provides many different materials like tanks, catapults, cars, conveyor belts and much more. Fantastic Contraption does not require high system requirements and occupies less hard disk space.

Batman Arkham VR:

Batman Arkham series had become one of the most successful superhero game franchise over the years. Arkham series designed for a number of platforms from consoles, PC to mobiles and this year they are coming to a new platform Virtual Reality. This is totally an unexpected VR game when released at E3 2016 and had gathered an applause for its design, immersion, and quality. The gorgeous graphics, background score, visuals, and gameplay of the game are really impressive and can’t wait to play the game. Especially the controls and throwing a BatRang in the game are really cool. Arkham VR is going to release along with the PlayStation VR in Oct 2016.


Chronos is a Role-Playing Game(RPG) that chronicles a young man’s journey to save his homeland from a great evil. The game designed with beautiful graphics, exciting enemies and fascinating story that enthuses you to play more. The game starts with an 18 year young and brave hero who need to get the ancient labyrinth. Labyrinth is the key to restoring peace to his homeland. Labyrinth is a test which will open only once in a year and every time the young boy fails he will age one year. Over the time he will become old and weak which make it is hard to get the labyrinth. Chronos an Oculus only game developed by Gunfire Games.

The Climb:

Have you ever thought of going for an adventure climbing trip to Mount some of the tallest mountains in the world? The Climb brings you the pleasure and excitement of climbing and exploring of mountains with Virtual Reality. Players can climb the icy mountains of the Alps, dusty and barren heights of the canyon and green rocky mountains of Asia. The gameplay and realistic graphics are excellent for a virtual reality game which gives us hope we can enjoy more exciting games in VR. The Climb an Oculus only game and developed by Crytek with CRYENGINE. I was really stunned when I saw recommended specs of the game they are very less for a VR game with such an impressive graphics.

Lucky’s Tale:

Everyone had played Mario on his or her PC’s and consoles, Bounce in Nokia and those are some of the earliest games that are acclaimed all over the world. Lucky’s Tale is more or same platform adventure and RPG puzzle game. Its an exclusively designed game for Oculus and a colorful immersive VR game. The game is about a fox named lucky in a beautiful world where he runs, climbs, spins and jumps solving the levels. The environment, visuals, camera motion and controls of the character designed correctly by the developers. It would be great to play a platform adventure game immersed in virtual reality.

Land’s End:

Land’s End is an adventurous VR game for Gear VR available in Oculus Store to download. Developed by Ustwo the same developers of the award-winning puzzle game Monument Valley. This is a beautifully designed minimalist game where the gameplay is everything, and it is the most kept secret. The player needs to use his powers and awaken an ancient civilization. It had five chapter which are unique from one another when playing the first chapter you will think it is the best thing you ever experience. Once you level up you will be more excited than the previous. Only disappoint factor is the gamen’t so hard to play other than that it is an awesome VR game.

EVE: Valkyrie:

EVE: Valkyrie initially called as EVE: VR an action based space shooting game takes place in EVE Universe. In the game, you will be playing the role of Valkyrie in an intense battle between two factions. You will be a fighter where you need to attack the opposition ship and follow the instructions. Eve: Valkyrie have gorgeous graphics with advanced VR immersion and deep backstory. It had three types classes of ships that are a support class, Fighter class, and Heavy class. The game is a multi-player game that is available for only Oculus as of now and EVE had promised to launch for PlayStation VR and HTC Vive this year.

Dead Secret:

Dead Secret is a thrilling investigation game which is as of now exclusively available for Gear VR. This mystery horror game will present you altogether terrifying VR experience. How frightening are you when you watched a horror movie in IMAX, you will experience double to it when you play the game. Dead Secret revolves around a crime scene where a person named Harris Bullard dead under mysterious circumstances. You need to uncover documents, evidence and piece them together the puzzle to find the killer.  Other than VR platform this could also played in PC’s and requires least of the specs to play.

These are just the start for the start of virtual gaming over the years many new games will develop. Other existing games will try to adopt for the virtual reality. As of now, there is more fight between the Oculus and Vive rather than competition similar to consoles. If they create a healthy completion where developers instead of exclusive games they will create more cross platform games. At present the price for VR headsets is pretty high which is common in early stages, we hope they will reduce the price with more users buying.

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